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Ductless Split Systems

When you are faced with a comfort challenge, M.P. Vivo provides the perfect solution. Ductless split systems incorporate seamlessly into any space, handling a single or multiple rooms with no disruptive renovation. With little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall, a compact and attractive indoor unit allows both heating and cooling capability, rapid increase/decrease in temperature, and remote access. From a handy wireless remote or even your Smartphone or laptop, you take complete control over your indoor climate.

Exceptional Ductless HVAC Services

M.P. Vivo brings our customers the most sophisticated solutions to ductless heating and cooling. Whisper-quiet and offering versatility in mounting location, these innovative options take advantage of inverter technology to automatically adapt operation to exact and current demand, maintaining consistent temperatures and optimizing energy efficiency. And with easy programming, dedicated sleep modes, and unprecedented dehumidification capacity, energy bills are kept to an absolute minimum.


Call on the professionals from M.P. Vivo for ductless HVAC installation, maintenance, and skilled repair throughout the Tri-County area. We’ll simplify the process with prompt response and recommendations customized to your specific needs and best interests.

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Mitsubishi Zone Comfort Solution

Zoned Comfort Solutions provide year-round comfort and are up to 40% more efficient than traditional systems. M.P. Vivo can help design the perfect system to bring you personalized comfort. See why we are the top choice of HVAC contractors.